Logo (duh)

I woke up this morning and remembered I’de forgot to mention the logo *facepalm*. The logo in all honestly was a tough one for me. ‘What can object can I use that will best summarise myself’ are the thoughts that went through my head. This proved to be quite difficult, so seeing as though I have time to make improvements, I decided to go in the opposite direction and make something that would go with the colour scheme better. I used an apple, yup’ simple I know, but right now that would probably summarise my website perfectly, Kind of boring yet still sweet and nice to look at (I hope)




So after more work then what I expected, Lightbox finally works and the imagery all flows nicely on multiple sized screens! The work in my portfolio mostly consists of college work seeing as I’ve not actually been able to get much graphic work done yet in my groups, mainly because I’ve been involved in other area’s when putting the projects together. I’ve also added in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links. It’s not much, and it was pretty easy putting it in place, but I’m a frequent user of all three applications and it seems relevant as a young media design. All I need to do now is fix a few bugs and make sure everything is working fine for the hand in date!LightboxLightbox example

Website has begun!

So the website has finally begun! I’ve decided on a light green / grey theme as the primary colours not just because I’m particularly fond of both, but because I feel like they are quite welcoming and complementary. The colouring I feel is important to get right, nothing is worse then having colour schemes that are a total mismatch. I’m also beginning to play around with Lightbox, however I’m having slight issues with the sizing of the thumbnails and images when using it on my iphone, this will be fixed soon though. As this is a new area I’m covering some of the problems I face might seem slightly amateur, this doesn’t bother me though as It does feel like I’m making good progress on a personal level. Image

A brief reflection on my first semester?

Fast, engaging, enlightening, enjoyable.

I really cant believe how fast this first semester has gone. I literally remember this time last year I had (on this day) been accepted into Bournemouth University, and now here I am blogging about my first experiences. 

I’ve found the ability to engage some what, up and down so far. At times I’ve felt compelled by the questions and difficulties that this course throws at you, compelled because I feel it is worth my time to tackle these hurdles. Though in other instances I often sat down and thought ”What the hell is going”, in one ear and out the other they say. Towards the end of this semester I’ve often thought that we’re not in the classroom enough, trying to learn something new requires consistency.

One thing university has helped me with doing is furthering my mind with expansion. Looking at designs and concepts from a different angle seems strange to begin with but, once you turn round that corner you begin to realise ideas and knowledge that u’de never seen before. Enlightening is the word.

I’ve had fun. Fortunately I’ve had the luck to not only get on with the people in my halls, but also the people from my course throughout the classes. This helped me settle into university life more then what I could of imagined, and as a result it makes me want to work hard to gain the best results I can from this course. 

Right now I’m pushing my capabilities. 


Christmas update 1# – No imagery yet, but this website is on it’s way

Right now I am watching tutorials, coding and on code academy and reading enough articles on website design that I could publish my own magazine on the ins and out of Digital media design(No, seriously).

Alas, I still have no physical work to show for my website yet, but it is getting close. I want to be confident when I start and in order to be confident I need to know what direction I want to take so I’m taking precautions before running into this with my eyes closed. Everything is positive though, I’m starting to feel a lot more confident with the software I’m using and sticking to a pace that I can keep up with. Baring in mind I’m also planning a big essay so dividing my time between this, that and the usual christmas activities is proving to be taking away from more time from coding that i’de like it to be, however I will say this.

The more I begin to understand Dreamweaver, the more I enjoy the building process.

Code Academy

The discovery of Code Academy as proved useful so far it seems. Teaching you everything from HTML to Javascript, the free website offers hundreds of tutorials in code, code and more code. I’ve been using it on and off for the last couple of weeks, but once the christmas break hits I’m certain my activity on the site will increase as this site will be undoubtedly useful when creating my ‘first’ website.

Group projects – Fire safety campaign

During this group task we where instructed to develop a new way in which fire safety could be demonstrated. Quite a tricky task considering the seriousness that must be acknowledged when tackling an area like this. We knew we needed something engaging that wasn’t to boring, but at the same time not to irrelevant, which gave me the idea of an iphone game. Imagine the concept of Temple run, dodging, ducking and sliding about to avoid danger. Take that idea, and replace it with a burning building where the user would have to do the same thing, but instead they would avoid fire hazards like burning objects and fire coming out of doors. We went forward with my idea with the objective in mind that this would be a fun, engaging game but at the same time create interest and understanding into the true consequences of fires.

We also used my idea of placing a quiz at the beginning of the game that would ask the user what common household tools they would use (Oven, hair straighteners, lighters etc). Based on their answers, the objects would be placed within the game to create a more  personal experience

Group projects – Bristol Zoo

So, during the first semester I was given three group task, which had to be completed with class peers selected at random. The tasks where:

. Bristol Zoo

. Fire saftey Campaign

.(One which I cant talk about *Sorry! I’ll just talk about the first two*)

Bristol zoo was in need of assistance to bring it into the digital age, which is where our group came in. We where instructed to bring the zoo into the digital age and we did this by creating an iphone application and adding interactive features to the park. My roll in this project wasn’t very practical, however I developed and produced the majority of the idea’s for our group.

My main idea that we developed was a game called ‘Zingo’. Once the Bristol zoo app was downloaded a feature would be accessible called Zingo where the user would be given a bingo card, which would have pictures of all of the different enclosures available at the zoo. In order to complete the card the user would have to scan a barcode, which would be placed before entering every enclosure. We put together a reward structure for visitors who completed the card, and then we evaluated that this game would not only bring the zoo into a new era of interactive entertainment, but also encourage visitors to see every enclosure with the chance of reward.