Group projects – Bristol Zoo

So, during the first semester I was given three group task, which had to be completed with class peers selected at random. The tasks where:

. Bristol Zoo

. Fire saftey Campaign

.(One which I cant talk about *Sorry! I’ll just talk about the first two*)

Bristol zoo was in need of assistance to bring it into the digital age, which is where our group came in. We where instructed to bring the zoo into the digital age and we did this by creating an iphone application and adding interactive features to the park. My roll in this project wasn’t very practical, however I developed and produced the majority of the idea’s for our group.

My main idea that we developed was a game called ‘Zingo’. Once the Bristol zoo app was downloaded a feature would be accessible called Zingo where the user would be given a bingo card, which would have pictures of all of the different enclosures available at the zoo. In order to complete the card the user would have to scan a barcode, which would be placed before entering every enclosure. We put together a reward structure for visitors who completed the card, and then we evaluated that this game would not only bring the zoo into a new era of interactive entertainment, but also encourage visitors to see every enclosure with the chance of reward.



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