Group projects – Fire safety campaign

During this group task we where instructed to develop a new way in which fire safety could be demonstrated. Quite a tricky task considering the seriousness that must be acknowledged when tackling an area like this. We knew we needed something engaging that wasn’t to boring, but at the same time not to irrelevant, which gave me the idea of an iphone game. Imagine the concept of Temple run, dodging, ducking and sliding about to avoid danger. Take that idea, and replace it with a burning building where the user would have to do the same thing, but instead they would avoid fire hazards like burning objects and fire coming out of doors. We went forward with my idea with the objective in mind that this would be a fun, engaging game but at the same time create interest and understanding into the true consequences of fires.

We also used my idea of placing a quiz at the beginning of the game that would ask the user what common household tools they would use (Oven, hair straighteners, lighters etc). Based on their answers, the objects would be placed within the game to create a more  personal experience


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