Christmas update 1# – No imagery yet, but this website is on it’s way

Right now I am watching tutorials, coding and on code academy and reading enough articles on website design that I could publish my own magazine on the ins and out of Digital media design(No, seriously).

Alas, I still have no physical work to show for my website yet, but it is getting close. I want to be confident when I start and in order to be confident I need to know what direction I want to take so I’m taking precautions before running into this with my eyes closed. Everything is positive though, I’m starting to feel a lot more confident with the software I’m using and sticking to a pace that I can keep up with. Baring in mind I’m also planning a big essay so dividing my time between this, that and the usual christmas activities is proving to be taking away from more time from coding that i’de like it to be, however I will say this.

The more I begin to understand Dreamweaver, the more I enjoy the building process.


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