A brief reflection on my first semester?

Fast, engaging, enlightening, enjoyable.

I really cant believe how fast this first semester has gone. I literally remember this time last year I had (on this day) been accepted into Bournemouth University, and now here I am blogging about my first experiences. 

I’ve found the ability to engage some what, up and down so far. At times I’ve felt compelled by the questions and difficulties that this course throws at you, compelled because I feel it is worth my time to tackle these hurdles. Though in other instances I often sat down and thought ”What the hell is going”, in one ear and out the other they say. Towards the end of this semester I’ve often thought that we’re not in the classroom enough, trying to learn something new requires consistency.

One thing university has helped me with doing is furthering my mind with expansion. Looking at designs and concepts from a different angle seems strange to begin with but, once you turn round that corner you begin to realise ideas and knowledge that u’de never seen before. Enlightening is the word.

I’ve had fun. Fortunately I’ve had the luck to not only get on with the people in my halls, but also the people from my course throughout the classes. This helped me settle into university life more then what I could of imagined, and as a result it makes me want to work hard to gain the best results I can from this course. 

Right now I’m pushing my capabilities. 



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