So, the first name change has come about! Luckily before I designed the company banner. This took a lot longer then the logo, and was designed by incorporating a lot of different Photoshop effects. I was aiming for a ‘shatter’ effect, something that seemed very out of this world and ‘party’ orientated. By sticking with the theme of purple & black I was able to give it a kind of space/cosmos feel, which amongst young people is very popular at the moment.



Video test

Just a quick video test today to see how the logo and effects looked.

HG promotions

A friend of mine is starting an events company and is asking me to produce a logo. ‘Gorilla and purple’ was the brief in a nutshell, he gave me as much creative freedom as I wished, as long as it could be easily replicated, resized etc. Not only did he ask me to create a logo, but he also wants me to design all of the work that comes his way, which at the moment could be quite a lot (All of A-list and HG promotions). Here is the final design for the logo, crafted using Adobe Illustrator and finished using Adobe Photoshop.


Creating a logo!

So the name is Nano, based on nanotechnology. The idea is that a guy called patient ‘268’ is opting into this paid experiment where a company called nanotech will test their new formula ‘VAMSSU’ to see the results. We have began to write a script, and also plan the filming structure, but more excitingly we have finally decided on a logo. In a group task we where all asked to design one, then take and improve upon them to finalise on a complete logo. After hours of work we decided on using Daniel’s improved logo after we tested many different colours, and design idea’s such as incorporating the chemical bonds into the logo.

This was my outcome.Image

and our final outcome


New project!

So a new project has been assigned! I’m in a group of six boys, and we idea’s flying out already! I think because we all have similar interests, the idea is all floating towards the same area, a video game. After about 20 minutes of talking we all know we want to head in that general direction, however we may do something a bit different and maybe do something more of a prologue instead? Who knows at the moment, it’s very early days but the general outlook currently looks very positive!