George Sadler – Blender animation

This is a short animation of my name I made following the same tutorials that I have used for previous Blender projects. This was surprisingly easy once you worked out how locking certain frames kept the dissolving blocks at different sizes, however this time I found myself working with rigid mesh’s more as the dissolving text need something to bounce of. Another big surprise for me also was the time and space it took to render. A good couple of hours later on a peer’s computer, and this was ready to watch, my poor macbook pro I assume couldn’t handle rendering this in 1080p..


Kinetic typography

This was probably the hardest tool I’ve had to try and learn so far. After working through multiple blocks on the way (wrong frame, pixelated text before render, unexplainable disappearance of audio) I finally managed to put together a 15 second clip (which lasts 54 seconds still). Admittedly, once rendered you can appreciate that after a few months of learning AE, it could become beneficial, however for me personally I felt it was to easy to get lost. I was encountering problems that I hadn’t caused, which led me to spend more time on fixing things rather then creating.

I used a short version of Morgan Freeman’s speech on Black History month, because I wanted to try something a little more bolder without any background noise interfering with the dialogue. I cut at the point, where the interviewer becomes dumbfounded, and lost for an awnser.

Overall, I could see myself working on after effects in the future, however I would definitely take a different route in learning as I felt kinetic typography was quite an advanced step for a beginner, something that was also proven when searching for tutorials on how to create kinetic typography (Most would say at the beginning that basic knowledge of AE would be required, shortcuts etc.).

Flash Animation – Mini project

One of the tasks included in our mini projects was to produce a short animation demonstrating our ability in Adobe Flash. Prior to this animation I had never used Flash before, and I found it surprisingly challenging considering the reward back was very minimal. Nevertheless I produced what I was able to in the time given, and think this animation demonstrates my basic ability to incorporate existing vectors, to pull the layers apart, then to animate each part of the logo in a different way.